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Valheim Swamp Information – What You Want And What You Can Discover In The Darkish Biome

The Swamp biome is filled with risks, however if you happen to can courageous them, you may get some important gadgets for amping up your gear and making nice potions.

The Swamp is probably going the third biome you may discover as you’re employed your manner by way of Valheim, and it is considerably extra lethal than the forests and meadows you’ve got frolicked in earlier than. There’s so much to search out and so much to keep away from within the Swamp, and if you happen to’re not ready, you’ll find your self struggling to remain alive and get the sources you want again to security. We’re right here to put out every thing you have to know concerning the Swamp, from what to anticipate from its enemies, to the stuff you’ll have to pilfer in an effort to proceed your development by way of Valheim.

We have heaps extra Valheim protection, so try our armor guide, our guide for beating The Elder boss, and our guides for finding Iron and making Iron armor, and for finding Silver and making Wolf armor.

How To Discover Swamps

You may spend plenty of time within the Meadows and Black Forest biomes in Valheim’s early sport, however the Swamp biome is slightly harder to trace down. You may discover this space alongside the coasts of assorted islands, normally hooked up to Black Forest. In your map, it will seem a mottled brown and black, indicating the flooded land; from a distance, you may know the Swamp biome by its naked, gnarled bushes and the glowing inexperienced Guck useful resource caught to lots of them.

Swamp Assets

There are just a few key later-game gadgets to search out in swamps that make them price exploring, although they are often extraordinarily harmful to navigate if you happen to’re unprepared. The enemies there drop a variety of helpful gadgets you may want for late-game consumables, together with mead and meals comparable to Sausage. Venturing into the Swamp can also be the place you get Iron, the subsequent materials you have to improve your armor, weapons, and gear.

Here is what you’ll find within the Swamp biome:

  • Iron – Present in Sunken Crypts
  • Entrails – Dropped by Draugrs; used to make Sausage
  • Bloodbags – Dropped by Leeches; utilized in Frost Resistance Mead
  • Ooze – Dropped by Blobs; used for making poison arrows and Ooze Bombs
  • Guck – Present in inexperienced pods hooked up to bushes
  • Historic Wooden – Discovered by chopping down Historic Timber
  • Iron Chains – Present in Sunken Crypts and dropped by Wraiths; used for Forge upgrades and in Wolf Armor
  • Surtling Cores – Dropped by Surtlings; used to make Kilns, Smelters, and Portals
  • Thistles – Discovered rising all through Swamps; used to make mead and Sausage
  • Withered Bones – Used to summon Bonemass

Swamp Enemies

The swamps are residence to some harmful creatures, most notably as a result of a bunch of them can inflict you with poison, which may do devastating injury over time. Here is what you may face within the Swamp biome.


Like within the different biomes, skeletons have both swords and shields or bows. They are not particularly robust within the Swamp, however their arrows is usually a ache whenever you’re battling different enemies.


These zombie-like fighters are harder than skeletons and might do much more injury. Parrying them could make them simpler to take down, however watch out for those with bows particularly, as a result of they will do plenty of injury and be robust to keep away from.


These inexperienced lots of goo will be unpredictable as they leap towards you. They’re additionally extra keen to go underwater than most enemies. Blobs do not hit very exhausting however if you happen to get near them, they’re going to launch a toxic cloud, so attempt to maintain your distance from them and take them out together with your bow. Greater-level purple blobs will break up into two smaller inexperienced ones when killed.


Be careful for these large black monsters within the waterways of the swamp. They are not particularly harmful as a result of they can not go away the water, but when they get you when you’re too shut, you may be poisoned. Leeches can even wreak havoc in your boats and sink rafts fairly simply, so keep away from them. Since they can not get out of the water, although, you possibly can nail them with arrows fairly simply and gather the very helpful Bloodbags they drop.


Wraiths are ghostly flying enemies, and they could be a actual ache. They transfer in a short time as they cross land, making it robust to get away from them. In the event you can put a ways on them or spot them earlier than they spot you, they’re pretty simple to drop with a bow and haven’t any ranged assaults, nevertheless. If not, attempt to shortly melee them earlier than they will do an excessive amount of injury, as they hit exhausting after they’re up shut.

How To Discover Iron In Swamps

3803224 valheimironsunkencrypts - Valheim Swamp Information - What You Want And What You Can Discover In The Darkish Biome
Search for Sunken Crypts in Swamps and make word of their places, as a result of they’re stuffed with helpful resources–Scrap Iron most of all.

A very powerful useful resource within the swamps is Scrap Iron, which you should use to make the subsequent tier of substances after Bronze. You possibly can’t simply mine Iron out of the bottom, however–you should go to particular locations within the swamps to search out it and minimize it from sure nodes. To get to these nodes, you want a specific merchandise: the Swamp Key.

How To Get The Swamp Key And What It is For

Scattered all through the Swamp biomes are black dungeon entrances referred to as Sunken Crypts. Like Burial Chambers within the Black Forest and Meadow biomes, these are underground areas the place you may discover chests, sources, and enemies. Sunken Crypts are the one locations you may get Scrap Iron, however you possibly can’t simply stroll into them like you possibly can Burial Chambers, as a result of Sunken Crypts are locked with iron gates. Opening these gates requires a Swamp Key.

To get the Swamp Key, you have to defeat The Elder, the boss of the Black Forest biome. It is an particularly exhausting boss to take down, however like every thing in Valheim, summoning and defeating the Elder is an concerned course of. Take a look at our full information to beating the Elder for extra particulars.

As soon as you’ve got killed it, the boss will drop a number of Swamp Keys. you solely want one, nevertheless, and you can use it repeatedly to open any Sunken Crypts you come throughout.

How To Get Iron From Sunken Crypts

The Swamp Key will get you into the Sunken Crypts, however that is solely half the battle. You may nonetheless have to mine Scrap Iron. You may discover it within the Muddy Scrap Pile nodes scattered all through Sunken Crypts–these are normally large black piles of sludge that block doorways. As a result of they’re going to be in your manner so much, they’re not possible to overlook.

You may want a Bronze Pickaxe to mine Muddy Scrap Piles. Be sure you make the upgraded software earlier than you trouble delving into Sunken Crypts, since you will not get far with out one. It is also a good suggestion to take different gamers with you in your Sunken Crypt jaunts to assist with any enemies you would possibly encounter and to lug Iron out of the dungeon. Notice additionally which you can’t teleport with Scrap Iron in your stock, so if you happen to’re at a distance out of your base, you may doubtless need to convey a ship to take it again to the place you possibly can smelt it into Iron. Each Karves and Longships have storage bins of their decks, so you possibly can dump some Scrap Iron in your boat and head again for one more run, offered your pickaxe is not damaged.

How To Discover And Summon Bonemass

The boss of the Swamp biome is Bonemass, a large blob that holds the Wishbone, a key merchandise you have to proceed venturing up Valheim’s tech tree. With a purpose to kill Bonemass, it’s a must to discover it. Just like the Elder, you may have to find a rune stone that may mark Bonemass’s location in your map. Yow will discover these rune stones hidden in Sunken Crypts, and if you happen to’re already attempting to find Scrap Iron, it is doubtless you may determine Bonemass’s location alongside the way in which.

As soon as Bonemass’s location is marked in your map, you possibly can summon the boss and take it down. The placement marked in your map is a giant skull-faced pit; if you happen to sacrifice 10 Withering Bones there, you may draw the boss out for battle. Yow will discover Withering Bones inside Sunken Crypts as properly, both in Muddy Scrap Piles or in chests.

How To Beat Bonemass

3803223 valheimbonemass - Valheim Swamp Information - What You Want And What You Can Discover In The Darkish Biome
Bonemass is robust in opposition to most bodily injury sorts, however Blunt weapons just like the Iron Mace can do plenty of injury. To maintain your distance, although, use Frost arrows.

Bonemass is a troublesome boss as a result of it is extremely cell, continually pursuing close by gamers. It additionally hits exhausting and might inflict poison in a variety of methods, most notably with a large area-of-effect assault the place it belches toxic goo everywhere in the battlefield. What’s extra, Bonemass triggers rain through the struggle, which provides your character the moist impact and thus reduces your skill to regain Well being and Stamina.

Forward of the struggle, it is a good suggestion to craft Poison Resistance Mead, which shields you from Bonemass’s poison results for 10 minutes. You may want a Cauldron, the place you possibly can craft Poison Resistance Mead Base from 10 Honey, 5 Thistles, 1 Neck tail and 10 Coal, and a Fermenter, which is able to flip the bottom into mead after an extended wait.

Bonemass has three assaults: a large swipe of its arms, which may do huge injury and has hits a large space in entrance of the boss; a puke transfer that covers the world across the boss in poison; and a transfer by which the boss throws a glob off its personal physique, which is able to spawn random swamp enemies to assault you. With Poison Resistance Mead, you possibly can stand up to Bonemass’s toxic puke, however the swipe assault and blob throw are each nonetheless very harmful. Preserve an eye fixed out for further enemies which may spawn from the throw or are wandering the swamps, as a result of they will mess up your struggle in opposition to the boss in a rush if you happen to do not see them coming.

Blunt weapons have the best impact in opposition to Bonemass, so if you happen to’ve bought the sources for it, an Iron Mace is an efficient wager. Utilizing melee weapons will put you in shut proximity to Bonemass, although, and the boss does huge injury with its swipe assaults; it’s best to completely block these with a protect, however even if you happen to do, you may in all probability get punished for it. If you are going to melee Bonemass, attempt to hit it from behind whereas one other participant distracts it, or catch it throughout sure animations, like when it winds as much as throw its blobs or because it will get able to spew poison, if you happen to’re already immune. Your dodge roll can get you out of bother whenever you’re in shut, so maintain that in thoughts.

A simpler technique, nevertheless, is likely to be to hit Bonemass with a ton of Frost Arrows. Whereas the boss is fairly proof against the piercing injury, which is what arrows inflict, the Frost impact is separate from piercing, and Bonemass will take the total brunt of the fundamental injury. Utilizing arrows means that you can keep properly again from the boss and keep away from poison and bodily injury, which may make the struggle a complete lot simpler. That stated, Frost Arrows are robust to come back by, since you’ll have to enterprise into the Mountain biome to mine Obsidian and to assemble Frost Glands from Drakes. Take a look at our Wolf Armor information for some recommendations on easy methods to survive the mountains earlier than you are capable of make Silver armor to resist the chilly.

Beat Bonemass and you will get a trophy you possibly can sacrifice on the altar the place you first began in Valheim to get Bonemass’s Forsaken Energy, which provides you elevated resistance in opposition to bodily injury for 5 minutes when activated. You may additionally get the Wishbone, which is important for finding Silver and different hidden treasures buried beneath the bottom.

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