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Valheim Bonemass Boss Information – How To Kill The Swamp Boss

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Valheim’s third boss is Bonemass, a large inexperienced blob that makes the Swamp biome its dwelling. Defeating it’s powerful, as the large boss is relentless and makes use of huge assaults which are powerful to dodge. With the best instruments and methods, although, you may defeat Bonemass and declare its energy. This is every little thing you might want to know to beat the boss.

You will must filter Eikthyr, the Meadows boss, and The Elder, the boss of the Black Forest biome, to get full entry to the Swamps. You will additionally need the hardest Bronze armor you might have entry to earlier than getting into the world, because the Swamps are stuffed with lethal enemies that may poison you for enormous harm. We have outlined the gear that’ll provide the greatest possibilities towards Bonemass, even when you’re preventing the boss with out your Viking comrades.

How To Discover Bonemass

Like different Valheim bosses, you may solely summon Bonemass at particular altars. To search out the situation of such an altar, you will must work together with rune stones situated within the Swamps. These are discovered within the Sunken Crypts dungeons within the Swamp–you’ll want the Swamp Key, earned by defeating The Elder, to get into them. When you discover a rune stone and work together with it, Bonemass’s location can be marked in your map.

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The identical Sunken Crypts you pilfer for Iron will generally comprise rune stones that can direct you towards Bonemass’s location.

To summon the boss, you will must make a sacrifice of 10 Withered Bones at its altar. You too can discover Withered Bones in Sunken Crypts, both mendacity on the bottom or mined from Muddy Scrap Piles.

What You will Want To Struggle Bonemass

Armor: Iron Armor (Upgraded If Potential)

Bonemass does a ton of harm with its assaults, however the blob shouldn’t be the one factor you will face within the Swamps. It is best to have as a lot safety as you may get–so it is undoubtedly beneficial that you just spend the time to mine Iron within the Swamp and craft a full set of Iron armor earlier than making an attempt to go after the boss. Use our Iron information to get every little thing you might want to improve your gear. It is also a good suggestion to improve your armor when you can for much more harm resistance.

Ranged Weapons: Huntsman Bow, Frost Arrows

Arrows aren’t the best approach to struggle Bonemass, sadly. The boss is proof against Pierce harm, so regular arrows are fairly nugatory most often. Nonetheless, Bonemass will be very powerful to struggle up shut, so ranged weapons are undoubtedly a should. Bonemass is weak to Frost harm (it’s a blob, in spite of everything), so you will get across the weaknesses of arrows by crafting Frost arrows. You will want an entire lot of them, however the means to avoid Bonemass’s massive, highly effective assaults is price the additional effort.

Frost arrows aren’t straightforward to come back by, although. You will must enterprise into the Mountain biome to get what you might want to make them. To outlive the mountains, you will want Frost Resistance Mead, which you may make with a Cauldron and Fermenter. Frost Resistance Mead Base is constructed from 10 Honey, 5 Thistle, 2 Bloodbags (dropped by Leeches within the Swamp) and 1 Greydwarf Eye.

Aside from Wooden and Feathers, Frost arrows require Frost Glands, which you will get by killing flying Drakes that stay within the mountains, and Obsidian, which you will get by smashing Obsidian rocks poking out of the bottom with an Iron Pickaxe. You will doubtless want 200 or extra when you’re making an attempt to solo the boss, so get loads of materials.

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Outfit your self in as a lot Iron gear as you may handle earlier than going after Bonemass, and ensure you carry Poison Resistance Mead when you anticipate to struggle him up shut.

Melee Weapons: Iron Mace, Iron Tower Protect

Bonemass is weak towards Blunt harm, so when you can handle to struggle it at shut vary, you are able to do extra harm than you’ll with arrows. You will need the strongest weapon you will get, which, on this case, is the Iron Mace–made from 20 Iron, 4 Wooden, and three Leather-based Scraps.

The boss additionally throws out melee assaults of its personal, although, so if you wish to go toe-to-toe with it, you will want to dam not less than a number of the harm. The Iron Tower Protect is the hardest defend you may craft, requiring 10 Iron and 15 Wonderful Wooden, and will allow you to block a few of Bonemass’s melee strikes. However the defend will considerably reduce your motion speed–by 20%, in fact–and will not assist with the Bonemass’s poison.


You are going to need all of the hit factors you will get for this struggle, so your perfect meals is important. Since you’ve got been spending time within the Swamps, it is best to have Draugr Entrails, which you need to use to make Sausages. Queens Jam can be fairly efficient, as is Carrot Soup–you’ll doubtless need the stamina increase that will help you preserve cellular as you struggle Bonemass. You also needs to have the aptitude to make Medium Therapeutic Mead with a Fermenter and a Cauldron, which makes use of 10 Honey, 4 Bloodbags, 10 Raspberries, and 1 Dandelion. You will undoubtedly need the flexibility to shortly heal when you’re on this struggle.

There’s one other important mead you might want to survive: Poison Resistance Mead. Bonemass has a critically horrific Poison assault that may wreck you fairly quick. Make it from 10 Coal, 5 Thistle, 1 Neck Tail, and 10 Honey, and preserve a lot on-hand–the Bonemass struggle will final a very long time, and you may must re-up your safety greater than as soon as.’

Capacity: Eikthyr

Bonemass is a really cellular boss that can pursue you fairly relentlessly, and it does an enormous area-of-effect assault that is greatest handled by working to get clear. Stamina administration is an enormous a part of this struggle, so use the Eikthyr energy that will help you run round at much less price.

Rested Bonus Is Key: Make A Portal Or Campfire

One of many extra irritating issues in regards to the Bonemass struggle is the very fact the boss summons a relentless rainstorm throughout the battle. That provides you the Moist debuff, which makes therapeutic and stamina regeneration go slower. There’s not loads you are able to do in regards to the rain, however coming into the struggle with the Rested bonus from sleeping and hanging out close to a fireplace may also help fairly a bit. It is also a good suggestion to construct a portal (or not less than a coated campfire) close to Bonemass’s altar so you may retreat by means of it at intervals to restore your gear and spend a minute or two beside a fireplace to revive the bonus. Simply do not depart Bonemass alone too lengthy or it will additionally regain well being.

How To Beat Bonemass – Boss Struggle Methods

3803223 valheimbonemass - Valheim Bonemass Boss Information - How To Kill The Swamp Boss
The hit-and-run method can work towards Bonemass, however anticipate it to take a very long time. Watch out you do not set off different enemies as you play keep-away with the boss.

Bonemass is proof against arrows, however makes the close-range struggle very powerful with its skills and assaults. If you happen to can carry just a few additional Vikings that will help you on this battle, it is beneficial that you just accomplish that. You’ll be able to work collectively to kite the boss round and defend one another in order that it does not merely goal you and stalk you till it catches you. It is also useful to produce other gamers round to cope with one other main risk throughout the struggle: different random Swamp monsters who can present up and smash your day.

At Vary

The most secure approach to cope with Bonemass is at a distance. If you happen to get too near Bonemass, it will swing at you with its huge arms. These assaults will be blocked, however the boss has an enormous attain and it is powerful to dodge these swings. Worse is Bonemass’s Poison assault, the place it barfs a toxic cloud that spreads out throughout it. The cloud lingers, making it powerful to remain near Bonemass in any respect. You’ll be able to keep away from most of Bonemass’s capabilities by staying away from it, nevertheless it’ll often pull off a piece of its personal physique and throw it at you, spawning a few Blobs that you will have to cope with.

Your Frost arrows will do harm to the boss although it is extremely proof against Piercing harm, so that you can simply hit Bonemass with arrows till it dies–it’ll simply take plenty of them. This technique requires you to remain very cellular, although, as a result of the boss will pursue you relentlessly. It is also powerful to struggle this manner, as a result of Draugrs, Wraiths, Surtlings, and Blobs are prone to get combined up within the battle as effectively. The Swamps are additionally a bit powerful to navigate due to being flooded, so ensure you scout the world and have an thought of how you will wish to transfer round throughout the struggle. If you may make your self an space that Bonemass cannot attain, say by slicing a trench with a pickaxe forward of the struggle, you may mitigate the necessity to run too much–but you will nonetheless must keep away from Bonemass’s AOE assault and the Blobs it will throw at you.

Up Shut

Melee preventing is simpler towards Bonemass by way of doing harm, particularly when you’ve acquired a superb weapon that offers Blunt harm just like the Iron Mace. You should utilize your defend to energy by means of Bonemass’s massive melee assaults, however you will in all probability wish to run clear at any time when it throws up Poison. There are good alternatives to hit the boss in the course of its animations, although, particularly when it throws its Blobs out.

If you will get some backup, it is potential to maintain the boss’s consideration on one Viking whereas the others get behind it and assault from the rear, the place Bonemass cannot get you. That is powerful to take care of, although, so anticipate to spend so much of time working away from the boss and repositioning. Even when you’re doing a melee-focused technique, you are in all probability going to desire a good variety of Frost arrows so you may preserve dealing harm even if you’re unable to get near Bonemass.

What You Get For Beating Bonemass

Destroying Bonemass provides you a few of what you might want to transfer into the Mountain biome. With a view to craft the subsequent tier of armor, you will want to search out and mine Silver, however not like Iron, Copper, and Tin, Silver does not pop up out of the bottom or drop from nodes you may simply spot. Killing Bonemass provides you the Wishbone, which reveals secret issues hidden underneath the ground–including Silver Veins. (Try our Wolf Armor information for assist getting your self set as much as mine and use Silver.)

You will additionally get Bonemass’s energy, which is without doubt one of the extra helpful ones in Valheim, particularly as you head into the powerful Mountain biome. Bonemass provides you resistance towards bodily harm, together with Pierce, Blunt, and Slash harm. The power makes you far more resilient in fight, which may also help considerably if you’re preventing Stone Golems, Drakes, and Wolves within the mountains. With each Bonemass’s drops obtainable to you, you are prepared to maneuver on to Valheim’s subsequent set of challenges.

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