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Valheim Armor Information: How To Outfit Your Viking To Survive

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There’s loads to learn about armor in Valheim, and having the precise gear will preserve you alive as you discover the wilds.

Crafting newer, higher gear is core to the expertise in Valheim, and with a view to survive lengthy sufficient to combat via Greydwarves, Trolls, and the sport’s enormous bosses, you are going to want robust armor. The difficulty is, the way you create that armor might be fairly complicated. It requires you to increase your toolset, improve your workbench, hunt sure creatures, and learn to work steel.

We have put collectively a full rundown of every of Valheim’s present armor units beneath, together with how robust they’re, what advantages you’ll be able to anticipate from them as you create full units, and most significantly, the best way to unlock and create them. Anticipate to do numerous work searching and mining alongside the way in which. It is also value noting that every set of armor might be upgraded a number of instances to extend its sturdiness and armor ranges. Leather-based armor could be your first armor set and among the many weakest, however it could change into very efficient if you happen to improve it whereas engaged on advancing to the following tier.

Valheim Armor Units


  • Set Objects: Pants, Tunic
  • Crafting Necessities: Workbench; Leather-based Scraps (obtained from boars)
  • Armor per piece: 1
  • Weight per piece: 2

Leather-based Armor

  • Set Objects: Pants, Tunic, Helmet, Cape
  • Crafting Necessities: Workbench Stage 2, Deer Disguise
  • Armor per piece: 2 (1 for cape)
  • Weight per piece: 5 (1 for helmet, 4 for cape)

Troll Leather-based Armor

  • Set Objects: Pants, Tunic, Helmet, Cape
  • Crafting Necessities: Workbench Stage 3, Troll Disguise, Leather-based Scraps, Deer Disguise
  • Armor per piece: 6 (1 for cape)
  • Weight per piece: 5 (1 for helmet, 4 for cape)
  • Set Bonus: Sneak +25

You will get entry to Troll Leather-based Armor when you slay your first troll and gathered its conceal. Crafting the armor requires upgrading you workbench twice, which implies you will want a chopping block and a tanning rack close by. Troll Armor is strong if you will get the hides for it, and it does not take a lot to improve to make it fairly robust. Troll armor will cowl you when you do all of the work to mine and smelt Bronze, which might take fairly some time.

3798059 valheimtroll - Valheim Armor Information: How To Outfit Your Viking To Survive
Trolls might be robust to kill, however they’re going to provide you with a number of the finest early-game armor you will get and can make your first boss combat loads simpler.

Bronze Armor

  • Set Objects: Helmet, Plate Cuirass, Plate Leggings
  • Crafting Necessities: Forge, Deer Disguise, Bronze
  • Armor per piece: 8
  • Weight per piece: 10 (3 for helmet)
  • Set reduces motion pace by 10%

Bronze Armor is a step up from the leather-based varieties you have been utilizing up up to now, but it surely’ll take a while to unlock. Firstly, you will must kill Eikthyr, the sport’s first boss. Search for altars marked with a deer aid to search out locations to summon it, and use deer trophies to take action. Once you defeat Eikthyr, you will get his antler, which you’ll be able to trend right into a pickaxe robust sufficient to start out mining ores. That is step one in your quest towards Bronze.

The second step is to mine Tin and Copper, which you will discover across the Meadows and Black Forest biomes. As soon as you have mined each, you will unlock the power to construct new crafting stations, together with a Smelter and a Forge. Use the Smelter to show ore into useable Copper and Tin, then use the Forge to mix them into Bronze. From there, you can begin truly making issues out of Bronze, together with more durable instruments and new armor.

Iron Armor

  • Set Objects: Helmet, Scale Mail, Grieves
  • Crafting Necessities: Forge, Deer Disguise, Iron
  • Armor per piece: 14
  • Weight per piece: 15 (3 for helmet)
  • Set reduces motion pace by 10%

Like Bronze Armor, Iron takes some work to unlock. Scrap Iron is simply present in sure locations within the Swamp biome, and to get it, you will need to defeat the Elder, your second boss. To find the Elder, you will must discover the Black Forest for sure rune stones, which you will discover close to altars and inside burial chambers. Work together with the rune stones to mark the Elder in your map so you’ll be able to hunt it down.

You will discover Iron in Muddy Scrap Piles, that are situated in Sunken Crypts. If you happen to discover a Wishbone, it’s also possible to uncover Muddy Scrap Piles buried all through the Swamp biome. Use the Smelter to create Iron, which might then be crafted into armor on the Forge.

3798060 valheimswamp - Valheim Armor Information: How To Outfit Your Viking To Survive
You will want to look the Swamp biome for Iron to improve your armor past Bronze.

Wolf Armor

  • Set Objects: Drake Helmet, Chest, Legs, Cape
  • Crafting Necessities: Forge, Wolf Disguise, Drake Trophy, Silver, Wolf Trophy, Workbench
  • Armor per piece: 20 (1 for cape)
  • Weight per piece: 15 (3 for helmet, 4 for cape)
  • Set will increase Frost resistance; reduces motion pace by 10%

You will want to move to the Mountain biome to search out every thing you want for Wolf Armor. The improve is important, however so is the cost–you’ll want to search out Silver, Wolf Hides, and Drake Trophies to craft this gear, so anticipate to be busy. Drakes are frost-infused dragons that hand around in the Mountain biome, and you may must carry some all the way down to earn their trophies with a view to make your armor. You will additionally want to search out Silver within the Mountain, which requires each a Wishbone to find and an Iron Pickaxe to reap.

The Drake Helmet, Wolf Armor Chest, and Wolf Armor Legs might be made at your Forge and require Drake Trophies, Wolf Hides, and Silver to make. The Wolf Fur Cape is a little bit totally different; you will not want Drake Trophies for it, however you will want Wolf Trophies, along with Wolf Hides and Silver. Craft the cape on the Workbench, slightly than the Forge, to finish your set.

Padded Armor

  • Set Objects: Helmet, Cuirass, Greaves, Linen Cape
  • Crafting Necessities: Forge, Iron, Silver, Linen Thread
  • Armor per piece: 26
  • Weight per piece: 10 (3 for helmet)
  • Set reduces motion pace by 10%

The highest armor in Valheim proper now’s the Padded Armor set, and naturally, it requires numerous effort to create. First, you will must take down Morden, the boss within the Mountain biome, which can mean you can construct the Artisans Desk, after which the Spinning Wheel. Subsequent, you will must go to the Plains biome to get Flax, which you’ll be able to flip into Linen Thread with the Spinning Wheel.

After that, you simply want numerous Iron, Silver, and Thread to make the gadgets within the armor set. The advantages are enormous, nonetheless, offering you a ton of safety and comparatively little downside.

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