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Useless Cells’ Christmas Replace Is Now Dwell On Consoles

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Replace 21 has been stay within the PC model of the sport since December–that’s why it contains Christmas-themed cosmetics.

Dead Cells‘ Replace 21 is now stay on Xbox One, PS4, and Swap. The replace went live in the PC version of the game in December 2020.

Replace 21 provides the brand new Katana weapon, a sword with the distinctive means to chain collectively normal slash assaults with a dashing cost assault. The replace provides the Demolisher mob and 4 new mutations, too.

The brand new mutations are Acrobatic Preparation (means that you can assault together with your geared up vary weapon and a ranged weapon in your backpack on the similar time), Porcupine Backpack (means that you can assault together with your geared up melee weapon by rolling via enemies, Tortoise Wheel (means that you can block or parry assaults by rolling), and Deadly Cadence (will increase assault).

Amusingly, Replace 21 provides a number of Christmas-themed outfits to Useless Cells as properly. This, in fact, made much more sense when the replace first launched for PC in December. However there is not any disgrace in desirous to unfold slightly Christmas cheer simply after Valentine’s Day.

For the complete checklist of modifications in Replace 21, take a look at the full patch notes. They’re listed beneath.

Useless Cells Replace 21 Patch Notes

Vital Options

  • The Malaise is being reworked:
    • The bar now fills with (sport) time. The malaise contamination fee is tied to the variety of enemies nonetheless alive within the degree, the less enemies, the much less rapidly your malaise bar will fill. When solely 10% of the enemies are left alive, the biome is taken into account “Malaise cleared”.
    • The upper the malaise, the extra harmful the enemies (elevated motion velocity, faster teleport, shorter response time and on the latter phases, elevated injury).
    • Enemies can even randomly spawn round you and sometimes, an enemy will rework into an Elite. The spawn fee and Elite fee can even improve with Malaise.
    • Being hit would not improve your malaise anymore. Killing enemies, Elite, and Bosses decreases your malaise gauge.
    • Meals looted in partitions is at all times contaminated and can improve your Malaise bar, the “wholesome” meals looted on enemies would not lower your Malaise bar. Therapeutic together with your flask does heal some Malaise too.
    • The “Malaise Cleared” occasion utterly stops the bar from filling till the top of the biome, and even lower your malaise gauge with the quantity you’ll get by killing all of the enemies left within the degree. Nevertheless, these will not get you any extra malaise discount. Mobs and Elites cease spawning.

We’re aiming to provide a biking nature to the mechanic, with a Malaise that ought to keep in-between 3 and seven throughout many of the run (besides boss fights). Presently, all mutations and objects interacting with the Malaise have seen that facet of their design disabled.

Balancing that new mechanic goes to be a significant problem and we’re counting loads in your assist and suggestions.

  • Colors have been rethought following neighborhood suggestions mentioning the continued lower in consistency. Therefore, we determined to alter the scaling of a great chunk of things and of some mutations to (re)focus every statistic on its main identification.
    • Ways retains all issues associated to ranged gameplay: turrets, vary weapons, with some utility and damaging spells to assist it. Twin scale with something that wouldn’t slot in that class however is poison or electrical energy gameplay.
    • Brutality retains its concentrate on quick melee weapons and every part associated to leaping into the melee. Grenades keep principally pink. Twin scale with something that wouldn’t slot in that class however is hearth or blood gameplay.
    • Survival retains its concentrate on crowd management, survivability, shields and gradual, heavy melee weapons. Additionally supported by heavy injury expertise with the lengthy cooldown that goes with it. Twin scale with something that wouldn’t slot in that class however is root or ice gameplay.

As well as, the well being factors scaling of Brutality and Survival has been decreased within the late sport whereas the Ways has been very barely elevated. Nevertheless, it is principally felt at excessive scrolls counts, so it principally impacts 3BC+ late sport.

  • The Backpack launched within the nineteenth replace to assist transitioning from 2-slots weapons to 2 differents weapons has been reworked. It is now a meta improve unlocked on the Collector, similarly than Recycling or the random beginning weapons and can be utilized with any sort of weapons.
    • You’ll be able to retailer any weapons to the exception of the too noble GiantKiller and the 2-slots weapons in your backpack by urgent the backpack key (Y on Xbox controller, △ on a PlayStation one) when selecting a weapon. Empty your backpack by holding the “use” key.
    • Video settings have additionally been added to accommodate each one choice. You’ll be able to select in-between placing the backpack slot to the correct of you talent slots or in-between your weapons and your expertise. An opacity slider can be obtainable.
  • New Mutations have been added, thought in the beginning to assist 2-slots gameplay via the backpack slot however which are actually obtainable for any sort of construct:
    • Acrobatic Preparation: Attacking with a ranged weapon additionally assault with the ranged weapon in your backpack. Roll to reload. (Ways).
    • Porcupine Backpack: Rolling via enemies assaults them with the melee weapons saved in your backpack. (Brutality)
    • Tortoise Wheel: Rolling parry assaults and projectiles with the protect saved in your backpack. (Survival)
    • A fourth mutation, Deadly Cadence (Survival) has additionally been applied, rising the assault velocity when alternating in-between main and secondary weapon slot.
  • New Weapon: The Katana, lastly added upon fashionable request. Its distinctive mechanic permits to chain an ordinary slash with a dashing cost assault by holding the button. Merry Christmas!
  • New Mob: The primary mob we implement impressed by a discord neighborhood suggestion (many due to Leylite#4491) utilizing the Explosive Crossbow to hunt you.
    • We referred to as him the Demolisher as a result of it reminds us of development employees utilizing explosives to do his job. It may be present in BC0 within the distillery, and in a number of locations in a while, principally in its place improve to the Knife Thrower.
  • New Outfits, together with 2 Christmas-themed ones.
  • 2-slots weapons can now have totally different affixes on every half.
  • New Weight loss program! Cheese can now be chosen within the weight loss program choices.
  • New tactic mutation: Ranger’s Gear
    • Like Scheme, however for ranged weapons.
    • Tactic misplaced a good variety of its mutations on this replace. This won’t compensate for all losses, however needs to be a step in the correct path till the following replace. Replace 21.2


  • Color scaling modifications:
    • Mutations:
      • The “Soldier Resistance” and “Berseker” mutatutions, targeted on rising participant survivability, now scale with Survival as an alternative of Brutality.
      • The “Predator”, “Initiative” and “Scheme” mutations, targeted on rising melee injury and playstyle now scale with Brutality as an alternative of Ways.
    • Melee Weapons:
      • Broadsword (no extra pink scaling)
      • Symmetrical Lance (no extra pink scaling)
      • Rapier (no extra purple scaling)
      • Meat Skewer (no extra purple scaling)
      • Flashing Followers (no extra techniques scaling)
      • Rhythm n’ Bouzouki (take away pink scaling)
      • Crowbar (take away purple scaling)
      • Cursed Sword (take away purple scaling)
      • Murderer’s Dagger (take away purple scaling)
      • Frantic Sword (take away purple scaling)
      • Seismic Strike (take away pink scaling)
    • Ranged Weapons:
      • Hokuto’s bow (no extra pink scaling)
      • Alchemic Carbine (no extra pink scaling)
      • All Crossbows (add purple scaling)
      • Boomerang (no extra survival scaling)
      • Hemorrhage (add pink scaling, take away inexperienced)
      • Struggle Javelin (take away survival scaling)
      • The Boy’s Axe (take away pink, add inexperienced)
      • Ice Shards (no extra purple scaling)
      • Barrel Launcher (take away pink scaling)
    • Defend:
      • Assault Defend (add pink scaling)
    • Abilities:
      • Cleaver (no purple scaling)
      • Crusher (no extra purple scaling)
      • Wolf entice (no extra purple scaling)
      • Stun Grenade (no extra purple scaling)
      • Ice Grenade (no extra purple scaling)
      • Root Grenade (take away purple scaling)
      • Swarm (no extra inexperienced scaling)
      • Grappling Hook (no extra purple scaling)
      • Phaser (no extra purple scaling)
      • Lacerating Aura (no extra purple scaling)
      • Telluric Shock (no extra inexperienced scaling)
      • Smoke Bomb (add pink scaling)
      • Cluster Grenade (add inexperienced scaling)
      • Sinew Slicer (add pink scaling)
      • Knife Dance (take away purple scaling).
  • The Coronary heart of Ice mutation would not lower cooldown when hitting slowed enemies anymore. It may well now be triggered by ranged weapons fired at shut vary.
  • Oil Bomb does extra injury however would not unfold oil so far as earlier than.
  • Swarm now creates 8 worms per use, with a ten seconds cooldown.
  • The Concierge pink aura dimension has been barely diminished to permit dodging with a really properly timed dodge.
  • Rhythm n’ Bouzouki injury has been diminished.
  • Spite Sword essential injury has been diminished.
  • Blood Sword injury has been diminished.
  • Hokuto’s Bow bonus injury has been diminished.
  • Crusher injury has been diminished.
  • Bloodthirsty protect injury has been diminished.
  • Thunder Defend injury has been diminished.
  • Torch injury has been diminished.
  • Grappling Hook vary has been elevated.
  • Oil Sword injury has been diminished.
  • Sadist’s Stiletto essential injury has been diminished.
  • Tesla Coil and Flamethrower Turret injury has been diminished.
  • Tonic’s cooldown now begins after its results ended.
  • The Vengence mutation injury bonus elevated and defence bonus decreased.
  • The Emergency Triage mutation now protects you throughout only one second as an alternative of three.
  • The Useless Inside mutation now allow you to devour meals however the effectivity of all sources of therapeutic is now decreased by half.

Degree Design

  • All biomes in BC3+ have much less mobs total.
    • Jail Quarters: Even much less rats, and no extra shieldbearers after BC1.
  • Some mobs have been faraway from some biome to make room for the Demolisher:
    • Inquisitors are changed by Demolishers in Clock Tower (BC3+).
    • Bombarders are changed by Demolishers within the Distillery (BC0).
    • Enforcers in Ramparts are actually a BC4+ mob, and Slashers a BC2+ mob. Demolishers are met there in BC1+. Weirded Warriors have been faraway from this biome.
    • Knife Throwers are a BC1 solely mob in Jail Quarters, changed with Demolishers in BC2+.
    • Stilt Village’s Knife Throwers have been changed with Demolishers (BC1+). The variety of Weirded Warriors has additionally been tremendously diminished.

Graphics & UI

  • An choice to disable the gameplay slow-motion (most notably when elites die) has been added.

High quality Of Life

  • Sawblades traps can now be dodged. Replace 21.1
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