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This YouTuber Purchased An Exoskeleton To Wield A Buster Sword Like Cloud Strife

3807444 screenshot2021 03 12at1.19.53pm - This YouTuber Purchased An Exoskeleton To Wield A Buster Sword Like Cloud Strife

Allen Pan, who runs the Sufficiently Superior YouTube channel, has revealed a brand new video showcasing how anybody can wield a large anime sword with just a little assist from an exoskeleton.

In an roughly 13-minute video, Pan discusses how he achieved the final word aim: swinging a generic duplicate of Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. To do that, he used his stimulus cash to enlist a pal to construct the sword. However how does somebody decide up the Buster Sword, a comically giant weapon that appears very heavy? A $900 Steadicam exoskeleton, that is how.

The sword in Pan’s video, built by his friend at 3.6.9 Design, is 50 kilos. It isn’t that heavy, however due to the way in which it is picked up, Pan’s generic Buster Sword really generates 150 kilos of torque, the identical quantity of power a automotive engine produces. That is the place the $900 used exoskeleton is available in, to assist offset the load of the Buster Sword.

Impressed by Doug Liman’s Fringe of Tomorrow, Pan modifies a passive camera-stabilizing exoskeleton with further springs to additional account for the sword’s weight. He initially wished to wield the sword simply as Cloud does however was satisfied the swimsuit would not have the ability to stand up to the power of the sword with out help. So he went a unique route: connect a hoop to the middle of the blade and clip that to the exoskeleton as a way to offset the heaviness.

The outcome was successful. Form of.

Pan can successfully wield the sword, no drawback. He can swing the blade, smashing issues like coconuts and TVs, however there’s not one of the grace or flare you’d count on from an anime protagonist. To check, Pan enlisted powerlifter Chase Lee to see if he may wield the factor. Seems, you possibly can wield the Buster Sword with the assistance of an exoskeleton or plenty of muscle mass.

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