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Snakes Eyes Heads To Fortnite

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Epic Games has announced a partnership with Hasbro to bring GI Joe characters to Fortnite. The first of these heroes will be the commando ninja Snake Eyes. He is available in the game shop starting today. While Snake Eyes is the first Joe to join Fortnite, it is possible that more of the team is on the way. The storyline for Zero Point includes heroes from various different franchises coming together and joining up with main protagonist John Jones. This includes God of War’s Kratos, Halo’s Master Chief, the Predator, the Mandalorian, survivors from The Walking Dead, and both Sarah Connor and the T-800 of Terminator. The story also makes reference to older crossovers, like those involving the Avengers.

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Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard’s original tease alluded to the GI Joe: A Realm American Hero comic book continuity. In those stories, the team consisted of mainstays like Flagg, Hawk, Scarlett, Stalker, Breaker, and Rock-n-Roll. After Flagg was killed in action, Hawk was given his iconic position of General and allowed new recruits like Duke to become the franchise posterchildren. All of these characters have the potential to come to Fortnite, along with an ever greater roster in the GI Joe expanded universe.

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