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Recreation Devs Are Sharing Their Favourite Easter Eggs

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In honor of this weekend’s springtime vacation, recreation builders are sharing a few of their favourite Easter eggs in video games they’ve labored on. A Twitter thread requested devs to reply with “the very best Easter eggs you ever hid in a recreation,” and builders have been completely satisfied to oblige.

The request from Vlambeer lead Jan Willem Nijman was adopted by a treasure trove of Easter eggs in every thing from massive AAA releases to smaller indie video games. The homages vary from movie references to hat-tips to different video games to small in-jokes.

Each Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy have a camera-pan paying homage to the Murderer’s Creed franchise. All 4 Ninja Turtles weapons are tucked away in several spots in The Division. The unique Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has a background meant to evoke the island from Zelda: Wind Waker. The listing goes on and on.

This comes simply after just a few different just lately found Easter eggs, just like the Last of Us 2 reference in Uncharted 4, or the “F— the Oscars” reference in It Takes Two. You’ll be able to see a few of our favorites from builders under, and comb via the Twitter thread for much more.

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