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PS5 Might Let You Use A Banana As Your Controller

A patent utility reveals a flexible system that might let a banana–or two bananas–become your recreation controller.

We have been unable to beat the standard gamepad because it was launched a number of a long time in the past, regardless of recreation corporations’ repeated makes an attempt with peripherals and movement. However a Sony patent application might change issues up by letting you utilize a easy family object as a controller. In Sony’s case, it appears to actually need you to make use of a banana.

In a submitting noticed by GamesIndustry.biz, Sony mentioned that it “could be fascinating if a consumer might use a reasonable, easy, and non-electronic system as a online game peripheral.”

Enter the banana.

3802859 screenshot2021 03 03at8.50.47am - PS5 Might Let You Use A Banana As Your Controller
Supply: USPTO

Presumably, you’d be capable to use absolutely anything with this patent-pending system, as you would be transferring the “non-luminous” object primarily based on the poses you are doing with it. One picture additionally reveals X and Triangle buttons mapped out on completely different components of the peel. Along with the banana–or two bananas–Sony mentions objects akin to oranges, mugs, or pens.

Ought to the banana really be a viable choice, assuming the expertise really releases, it would not be the primary time somebody used the yellow fruit for video video games. Greater than 4 years in the past, Twitch streamer Rudeism played as the intelligent ape Winston in Overwatch with an array of bananas hooked as much as his rig. Potassium is an efficient electrical energy conductor, making this surprisingly viable.

Sony is not any stranger to experimenting with recreation controllers. The brand new DualSense’s adaptive triggers are very distinctive, providing completely different ranges of resistance primarily based on what you are doing, and it has additionally used pressure-sensitive buttons for extra management inputs earlier than. We aren’t certain it’s going to work that effectively, however we actually wish to play all video games with bananas now.

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