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New Overwatch 2 Maps, Mechanics, Talents Revealed

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Blizzard has talked at size about among the huge additions coming to Overwatch 2.

Blizzard has proven off an Overwatch 2 behind-the-scenes featurette and, as a part of that, given followers a glimpse at new additions and enhancements being made for the sequel.

After months of silence, Blizzard has fed us a couple of extra crumbs of knowledge for Overwatch 2. Throughout BlizzConline 2021, Blizzard confirmed a behind-the-scenes featurette video for Overwatch 2, which revealed new particulars in regards to the recreation’s places, playable heroes, and enemies.

Within the presentation, we get our first take a look at two places within the upcoming multiplayer-focused hero shooter: Rome and New York Metropolis. The previous would be the setting for one of many maps for Push mode, one of many new additions in Overwatch 2. The Overwatch model of Rome was described as being created to replicate a romanticized notion of the situation, particularly by way of its structure. It options the colosseum and the grand hills as a backdrop. New York, in the meantime, was described as being “genuine” however with an Overwatch spin. It has pizza locations and small outlets that evoke the Village. “It looks like one thing you have not seen in different video games earlier than as a result of it’s uniquely Overwatch,” a dev mentioned.

Not like its predecessor, Overwatch 2 could have each everlasting PvP and PvE modes. In PvE, you will battle computer-controlled enemies, and the brand new featurette reveals what a few of them will appear to be, comparable to Null Sector’s Stalker and Breacher. The featurette additionally gives extra context for the way development, story and hero missions, and hero customization will work in Overwatch 2’s PvE. On this mode, you will have the flexibleness to customise talents to tweak them to your liking.

With reference to PvP, Blizzard mentioned it was upgrading fight really feel and the expertise ought to really feel like a fairly large departure from what’s at the moment obtainable. Weapon really feel was notably centered on, with animation and sounds a selected focus to reinforce the best way fight seems, sounds, and feels.

Position passives are a giant new gameplay addition. These are passive attributes primarily based on class, so tanks have resistance to knockback, for instance. One other change is a giant shift for tanks as an entire, who will now be toe-to-toe brawlers as a substitute of characters that stand again and defend. Reinhardt will be capable to use two Firestrikes, steer his cost, and cancel it.

Sojourn, a brand new hero coming for Overwatch 2, was additionally briefly proven. She, based on Blizzard, was constructed across the railgun, a traditional weapon within the first-person shooter.

One huge new function for Overwatch 2 is Hero Missions, that are co-op, PvE experiences the place gamers can degree up heroes and progress their improvement. In accordance with Blizzard, it’s aiming to make a whole bunch of hero missions with quite a lot of enemy items, bosses, new areas that will probably be added to current maps. King’s Row, for instance, now has a gate that opens and lets gamers transfer into a brand new space. This additionally means the payload can take new routes.

On the environmental aspect, climate results have been added. Dynamically, sandstorms, blizzards, and different results can come into play. There are additionally shifts in time of day. The impression of this all is a dramatic enchancment in how cinematic an Overwatch PvE expertise turns into. In these Hero Missions, gamers will probably be requested to do issues like collect sources to maintain them protected, whereas enemy items are attempting to take you out.

After all, this all feeds into development and abilities, which develops characters. Skills enable heroes to be performed in varied alternative ways, relying on the talent tree {that a} participant picks. Totally different paths will end in noticeable adjustments in how characters really feel and play. Soldier 76 was proven transferring his therapeutic area, whereas Mercy launched missiles from her therapeutic beam. The expertise timber add a layer of RPG mechanics to Overwatch.

To make all this work, new enemy varieties have created. One in all these is the aforementioned Breacher, which is a strolling bomb. Slicers, in the meantime are described as lethal chicken-like enemies that shortly transfer round. The Polar is a tall, elegant, creature that makes issues a bit spookier–much just like the Witch in Left 4 Useless. Elite items such because the Elite Omnic Grunt is far more highly effective than the standard kind and could have completely different conduct, comparable to crawling in direction of you when downed.

Enemies even have improved reactions to taking harm, so that they are extra readable. You’ll be able to shoot off components of Null Sector killing machines, and there are even “chain hit reactions” so enemies that take harm which might be positioned near others will impression them.

Moreover, the featurette revealed what McCree, Reaper, and Pharah would appear to be in Overwatch 2. The previous has an extended beard and has a superb steadiness of the tech-aesthetic and the traditional cowboy vibe. Pharah in the meantime, has had her visor up to date; it is a bit more clear, which implies her feelings are extra seen. Reaper’s masks is totally silver, as a substitute of bone white. Widowmaker has change into extra cyberpunk-y, giving her a futuristic femme fatale vibe.

Story is a serious pillar for Overwatch 2. After reuniting the crew in Zero Hour, there is a new Omnic rebellion. Overwatch 2 explores who’s behind that, how widespread it’s, and what the menace really entails. There are in-game cinematic intros and outros for all story missions, and the narrative will probably be higher built-in. Heroes could have dialogue, NPCs will probably be current, there are in-mission occasions, and extra.

We nonetheless haven’t got a launch date for Overwatch 2, however Blizzard hasn’t fully deserted the unique recreation but. Till February 25, you possibly can unlock 12 months of the Ox-themed cosmetics in Overwatch.

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