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Future 2's Presage Mission Is Bungie's Shooter At Its Finest

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The very first thing you hear aboard the Glykon while you lastly make your means inside is a low, scary growl. As you are creeping via a air flow duct to discover a means into the derelict spaceship’s construction, it is inconceivable to pin down the place the sounds of scratching, respiratory, and heavy footsteps are coming from. It is not lengthy earlier than you uncover the our bodies and the wreckage. There is no one aboard. One thing terrible occurred right here. Whispers emanate from the partitions, and shadows transfer within the corners, and slowly you notice that everybody is lifeless, however you aren’t alone.

Investigating the Glykon is Destiny 2’s latest mission, Presage, and it is a standout second within the recreation. I spent greater than an hour wandering the ship after I found it, discovering my means via its twisting hallways and infrastructure, listening to the sounds of one thing alive creeping round in the dead of night. The extent evokes the likes of horror sci-fi corresponding to Alien, Useless House, or Occasion Horizon, sending you into the bowels of a lifeless ship with solely your gun and your flashlight as consolation, with out a clear sense of what you may find–or what it would do to you.

Missions with a singular tonal shift like Presage solely come alongside each occasionally, and so they’re among the many finest issues that developer Bungie makes for Future 2. In contrast to the remainder of the sport proper now, Presage locations you right into a full-on horror story for a brief stint. It throws puzzles and obstacles in your means with little or no clarification of the way you would possibly make your means via them and trusts you to determine it out. It calls for you discover and perceive its area, quite than simply sending you from gunfight to gunfight–huge parts of the mission include no enemies in any respect. And it throws in some very cool concepts that I will strive to not spoil, with one enjoyable part taking after an iconic Star Wars second and one other that, if you happen to squint, might have been ripped from Halo 2.

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