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Future 2 Battlegrounds Information: How The Hammer Of Proving, HELM, And Umbral Engrams Work

The Season of the Chosen has added quite a lot of new mechanics to Future 2. This is how all of them work and how one can get candy loot from the brand new exercise.

With the launch of the Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2 comes a brand new exercise referred to as Battlegrounds. It pits you towards waves of Cabal enemies to take down leaders earlier than they will be a part of the battle council of Caiatl, the Cabal empress, and permit her to rally her forces within the photo voltaic system. It additionally offers you with a brand new rewards system for incomes seasonal gear and leveling up your Guardian–but the entire thing is a contact complicated.

We have put collectively a full rundown of how every part associated to the Season of the Chosen works, from the Battlegrounds exercise to the brand new HELM Battle Desk, the Hammer of Proving, and the brand new model of Umbral Engrams. This is every part you’ll want to know to excel and earn your new Chosen gear.

Full The Challenger’s Proving Quest

You may get this quest as quickly as you begin up Future 2 in the course of the Season of the Chosen. It’s going to introduce you to the HELM and Battle Desk and unlock your Bell of Conquests Seasonal Artifact and the Hammer of Proving, which you’ll want to get probably the most out of Battlegrounds actions. Full all of the steps to get entry to every part within the HELM space. You’ll be able to enter the HELM from the Tower map within the Director.

How Battlegrounds Work

The Battlegrounds actions are a little bit of a mixture between a Strike and previous seasonal actions like Contact. Your main objective is to combat off waves of Cabal enemies, however you may must push by way of three totally different phases of the exercise with the intention to full it. Presently, Battlegrounds are available two variations: a better one launched from the Director map (discover it on Europa), and a more durable playlist model discovered underneath the Vanguard Director node.

The phases you may face depend upon which Battleground you are making an attempt. For example, in Battleground: Behemoth on Nessus, the primary section requires you to combat by way of waves of enemies till a more durable Cabal with the identify Keymaster exhibits up. When you kill three Keymaster Cabal Majors, you’ll be able to work together with a terminal that lets you drop a forcefield and proceed to the subsequent encounter.

In Battleground: Hailstone on Europa, the primary section has you killing a number of Unstable Incendior enemies, which present up one per wave. Killing these guys drops an vitality orb that you would be able to decide up after which throw at a cylindrical generator referred to as a Energy Relay. There are three of those relays, which have to be destroyed earlier than you’ll be able to advance. You may have to be fairly correct while you throw the orb, otherwise you would possibly fail to explode the relay and have to attend for a brand new enemy to look and convey you a brand new orb.

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Every Battleground has aims concerned, so take note of waht you are requested to do as you combat by way of waves of Cabal enemies.

The primary two phases of a Battleground are principally about combating by way of waves of enemies, however take note of any aims which might be set for you alongside the best way as effectively. In playlist Battlegrounds, you may additionally face Champions, and in some circumstances your aims will contain defeating them earlier than you’ll be able to advance.

The final section of the Battleground is a boss combat with a Cabal chief you’ll want to take down. This bit enemy has a well being bar divided into three sections. When every part is depleted, he’ll name on Main enemies referred to as Shieldbarrers, who will create an impenetrable barrier across the boss. It’s essential kill the Shieldbarrers earlier than you’ll be able to injury the boss once more, so clear them out as quick as you’ll be able to.

If you’ve killed the boss, you may obtain a chest to your efforts. In playlist Battlegrounds, in case you’ve solid a Challenger Medallion, you may also smash one of many three forcefield-covered chests that spawns in behind the primary chest on the finish of the mission. That is the important thing ingredient of how Battlegrounds get you new rewards–more on the Hammer of Proving under.

Every participant in your fireteam ought to smash a separate chest for optimum rewards. Watch out about not bunching up, although, as a result of it is simple to make use of two hammers on the identical chest by chance, which is able to rob you of an opportunity on the third reward.

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You’ll be able to improve the Hammer of Proving on the Battle Desk. Use it to smash further chests on the finish of playlist Battlegrounds actions.

How The Hammer Of Proving Works

The Hammer of Proving is the way you earn further rewards throughout playlist Battlegrounds actions by smashing the additional chests that seem on the finish. To do this, you’ll want to add a Challenger Medallion to the Hammer earlier than you begin the exercise. You’ll be able to create Medallions by clicking on the Hammer of Proving on the Quest display screen, however with the intention to make these Medallions, you’ll want to earn a forex referred to as Cabal Gold.

The excellent news is that Cabal Gold is straightforward to come back by. You may earn it for doing mainly every part, together with finishing playlist Rituals like Gambit matches, Crucible matches, Strikes, and Dusk: The Ordeal runs. Gold additionally comes from public occasions, Misplaced Sectors, and battling within the Blind Effectively within the Dreaming Metropolis.

If you smash a Battlegrounds chest with the Hammer of Proving, you may earn a Hammer Cost. You’ll be able to then carry these again to the HELM to make use of on the Prismatic Recaster and your Umbral Engrams.

3793322 destiny2chosenprismaticrecaster - Future 2 Battlegrounds Information: How The Hammer Of Proving, HELM, And Umbral Engrams Work
The Prismatic Recaster helps you to focus Umbral Engrams so they provide you particular loot. For some, you may must construct up Hammer Costs, which require you to make use of the Hammer of Proving in playlist Battlegrounds.

How Umbral Engrams And The Prismatic Recaster Work

The Prismatic Recaster is again from the Season of Arrivals, this time located on the HELM. To make use of it, you may want Umbral Engrams, which drop from varied actions, however particularly pop up as Battlegrounds rewards.

After ending the Challenger’s Proving quest, you must have a number of choices for tuning Umbral Engrams to make them decode for particular loot rewards. The primary two, which offer you armor and weapons from the world loot pool–the stuff you’d get from random drops off enemies as you are playing–cost nothing however Legendary Shards and Glimmer. After you have the Hammer of Proving, you can begin to unlock Season of the Chosen rewards from Umbral Engrams. You’ll be able to first tune engrams to drop both solely weapons or solely armor (or each, however simply from the Season of the Chosen), and as you stage up the Recaster, it’s going to can help you select extra particular loot drops.

That is the place Hammer Costs are available. If you wish to tune an Umbral Engram to offer you Season of the Chosen loot, you may must spend a Hammer Cost on it as effectively. So meaning, to get a Season of the Chosen reward from an Umbral Engram, you may must play varied actions to earn Cabal Gold, use that to forge Challenger Medallions to your Hammer, then full playlist Battlegrounds actions and smash a chest on the finish to earn a Hammer Cost.

Every stage for the Prismatic Recaster has totally different necessities, so take note of what you’ll be able to unlock and the way you are able to do so. Some ranges require you to get a sure variety of kills with a particular kind of weapon, for example, whereas others require you to unlock sure weapons from the Season Move. When you unlock these ranges, nevertheless, you’ll use the Prismatic Recaster to offer you weapons and armor with particular perks and stats favored, permitting you to tune your loadout to your liking.

3793323 destiny2chosenwartable - Future 2 Battlegrounds Information: How The Hammer Of Proving, HELM, And Umbral Engrams Work
Rating up the Battle Desk offers you advantages to your Hammer of Proving, however to take action you may want to finish seasonal challenges.

How The HELM And Battle Desk Work

The final ingredient of the season is the HELM and its Battle Desk. The HELM is the brand new seasonal room you’ll be able to entry from the Director’s Tower map, which incorporates the Prismatic Recaster, the Battle Desk, and a number of other kiosks that offer you quite a lot of the performance of the Tower. You should utilize this room to entry the Put up Grasp and your Vault, so you’ll be able to drop in right here to do quite a lot of your Tower enterprise and declare Battlegrounds rewards.

The Battle Desk is your hub for lots of season-related stuff. Right here, you’ll be able to declare Season of the Chosen bounties, improve your Hammer of Proving, buy seasonal mods, and declare rewards as you improve your Battle Desk rank.

Upgrading your Hammer of Proving on the Battle Desk requires Battle Desk Status, which is earned particularly from the new seasonal challenges tab on the Quest screen. These challenges substitute weekly bounties you’d beforehand get from Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and the Drifter. As a substitute, you’ll be able to earn these challenges anytime in the course of the season, with new ones showing every week. A number of challenges dish out Battle Desk Status; others give Brilliant Mud, weapons, and different rewards. So it’s going to be helpful to concentrate to your seasonal challenges earlier than heading out to actions to be sure you’re progressing every one and incomes every part you’ll be able to.

We’ll replace this information with extra data because it turns into obtainable in the course of the Season of the Chosen. Anticipate extra Battlegrounds to grow to be obtainable alongside extra seasonal challenges, so there must be lots to do as you improve your Battle Desk, Hammer of Proving, and Prismatic Recaster.

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