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Fortnite UFO Location – The place to Enter a UFO

Right here is the place you could find a UFO in Fortnite Battle Royale with a purpose to full the enter UFO Week 2 Problem.

Within the Season 7 trailer for Fortnite, we noticed the aliens invading the Fortnite island and when you hadn’t seen, there’s additionally a large spaceship hovering over the island, which you’ll see in-game. After all with this new alien them, UFOs have been launched as the brand new automobile for the season. We now have had aeroplanes and helicopters previously, however the UFOs are considerably completely different.

There are a few methods wherein you could find and use this mode of transport, which we will probably be discussing on this article. One of many Week 2 Epic Challenges requires you to enter a UFO and we are going to present you the way this may be finished.

Fortnite Invasion - Fortnite UFO Location - The place to Enter a UFO
Fortnite Invasion

Fortnite UFO Places – The place to Enter a UFO

The primary means wherein you could find a UFO is to take a look at the map if you find yourself about to begin. You’ll discover that there will probably be named areas that will probably be glowing purple. This reveals you the place there will probably be UFOs flying round on this location. The glowing areas will probably be change in each match, so ensure you look earlier than you drop. Within the image beneath, you will notice that the UFOs will probably be in Craggy Cliffs, Soiled Docks and Misty Meadows.

Fortnite UFO glowing named locations - Fortnite UFO Location - The place to Enter a UFO
Fortnite UFO glowing named areas

These UFOs will probably be attacking you and so you’ll need to deal harm to them to ensure that them to begin dropping from the sky. The Trespasser NPC will then exit the UFO and begin to assault you, so you could kill them so as to have the ability to achieve entry to the UFO.

That’s the tougher option to enter a UFO. There are completely different areas wherein you’ll discover a UFO which you’ll merely enter by interacting with them, and now we have marked these areas on the map beneath:

Fortnite UFO Map Location - Fortnite UFO Location - The place to Enter a UFO
Fortnite UFO Map Location

Watch out the place you’re at these areas although as there will probably be IO Guards that may assault you. Tell us within the feedback part if the UFOs may be present in every other location.

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