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Fortnite: The place to Discover the Recycler Gun, Stats, And How To Use

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Fortnite Season 6 launched new wildlife resembling raptors in final week’s replace, and this week provides a brand new option to do battle with them and others working across the island. The Recycler is a brand new weapon now obtainable following the Fortnite 16.11 patch and it is simply the factor you might need to equip if this season’s dwindling ammo provide has you scrounging within the closing few circles.

Fortnite Recycler Stats

The Recycler, as its title suggests, does not want conventional ammo to fireplace. As an alternative, it makes use of supplies resembling wooden, stone, and metallic as projectiles that do appreciable harm to opponents. It debuts in three variants, Uncommon, Epic, and Legendary (blue, purple, orange, should you favor) and even its lowest-tiered selection does 75 harm to gamers, with that quantity rising to 79 and 83 for every successive tier.

It appears to be like form of like a leaf blower, solely it as a substitute vacuums up the supplies round you as ammo. It is obtained a three-projectile journal dimension irrespective of the rarity and it at all times takes two seconds to reload too.

The place To Discover The Recycler

Like most weapons, you will discover the Recycler nearly anyplace. Stashed in Chests, with an apparently greater probability to be present in Uncommon Chests and Provide Drops, the Recycler could also be a bit more durable to search out than the same old weapons you see throughout the island, however you needn’t purchase it from a specific NPC such as you would a Mythic weapon. It’s possible you’ll even discover it as flooring loot–items spawned outdoors of Chests mechanically.

Epic has not but shared the Fortnite 16.11 patch notes, and infrequently instances the corporate merely doesn’t. For now, we’ll hold digging to see what else the group has tucked away into this week’s replace, and will Epic share these patch notes ultimately, we’ll element them right here.

For extra on Fortnite, remember to forage Bouncy Eggs earlier than they disappear from the island on Thursday.

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