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DayZ’s Patch 1.11 Is Out, And It Wipes All Participant Progress

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DayZ’s newest replace brings improved stability and bug fixes to the sport, but it surely additionally clears all participant progress from official servers.

DayZ’s newest patch is now live, and whereas it does not make a ton of adjustments to the core recreation, it wipes all progress on the sport’s official servers as a part of a “recent begin” for the sport’s 2021. In response to a weblog put up that accompanies the rollout of the patch, it focuses primarily on fixing bugs and enhancing the sport’s efficiency.

For instance, the patch improves the collision on zombies, such that they are going to not go inside participant characters throughout hectic fights. Gamers will even discover that trying to get right into a automobile will not teleport them to the roof of the car as an alternative. Numerous bugs affecting the sport’s horticulture and fishing methods have additionally been stamped out.

The patch consists of quite a few different small fixes, together with improved detection of space injury triggers like barbed wire and a rise within the variety of mods that may be run by group servers. There’s additionally a brand new rifle that spawns at helicopter crash websites known as the SVAL–which is seemingly the Czech phrase for muscle–and it is significantly nasty, so be careful for that.

DayZ 1.11 Patch Notes


  • Added the SVAL rifle
  • Added the 20 spherical journal for SVAL and VSS
  • Added new textures for the static (deserted) M3S truck
  • Added deserted truck components for M3S
  • Beginning a car engine now barely depletes the battery
  • Added flags of the winners of our base constructing contest
  • Backyard plots can now be eliminated with shovels and pickaxes


  • Mounted an exploit to look/glitch by way of partitions
  • Crops couldn’t turn out to be infested
  • Mounted a server crash associated to pulling corpses out of automobiles
  • Mounted a recreation crash related to merchandise attachments
  • The participant can not execute sure actions when their legs are damaged
  • The participant can not dance with a damaged leg
  • Getting ready Mackerels or the Carp didn’t stain the participant’s palms with blood
  • An utilized splint would disappear if the participant’s stock was full in the intervening time the therapeutic was accomplished
  • The Pumpkin Helmet was nonetheless shining when ruined
  • Flares shot by the flare gun usually disappeared inside objects
  • The glow of the flare was immense when seen from up shut (now scaled with the space)
  • Getting out of a automobile might outcome within the character showing on the roof when an object was on the exit place
  • Mounted a server error attributable to repeated crouching throughout an ongoing motion (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T154062)
  • The stock of improvised shelters could possibly be accessed from the closed-off sides
  • Contaminated might hit the participant by way of shelters and tents
  • Contaminated might enter closed-off containers (variants 2A and 2B)
  • Contaminated would glitch into gamers throughout fight
  • Useless our bodies getting caught in mid-air
  • Our bodies of contaminated would typically rotate whereas already lifeless
  • The mistaken particle impact was displayed when hitting contaminated with a Pipe, Wrench, or a Lug wrench
  • Adjusted collisions and occluders of buildings towards undesirable conduct (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T152082, https://feedback.bistudio.com/T154532)
  • Eliminated collisions of low-hanging tree branches for higher navigation
  • Exploit permitting gamers to get infinite plant seeds
  • The Frying Pans and Cooking Pots would disappear from fireplaces upon server restart (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T153689)
  • The stock of the M3S truck didn’t refresh after eradicating hooked up containers from it
  • The dashboard on sure automobiles would disappear after sure actions
  • Ruined hatchets confirmed the mistaken texture
  • The contents of the hearth wouldn’t at all times be displayed appropriately on the planet
  • The indoor fire might typically get moist throughout rain
  • Land mines weren’t dealing injury when positioned within the doorways of particular homes
  • Barbed wire might block the injury of grenades (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T154631)
  • Sounds had been lacking when skinning with some instruments
  • It was attainable to construct overlapping fences and watchtowers
  • Swapping supplies hooked up to base constructing objects might set off a desynchronization
  • Mounted a server error when checking the heartbeat of a disconnecting participant
  • The battery charger will not be a heavy merchandise anymore
  • The battery charger couldn’t recharge automobile and truck batteries
  • Objects couldn’t be rotated and positioned on the identical house
  • Inserting a related battery into the stock wouldn’t disconnect it
  • It was attainable to make use of objects positioned in attachment slots for crafting operations
  • Coming into a car with a Chemlight or Highway Flare turned on would break them
  • It was problematic to open/shut the doorways of sure automobiles when in third particular person view
  • It’s not attainable to chop a raincoat into armbands when its stock is not empty
  • Trying to throw a handheld plugged gadget would unplug it, stopping it from being turned again on
  • Slicing a rotten pumpkin produced edible pumpkin slices (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T155304)
  • Getting ready spoiled fish would produce edible fish
  • Gamers had been unable to take away some automobile components from shut vary
  • An engine belt was displayed within the ADA 4×4 (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T148071)
  • It was attainable to craft a protracted torch from a sharpened follow meals hooked up, inflicting the meals to vanish
  • Objects cut up within the stock of the truck would seem under it
  • Objects had been showing on the roof when swapped whereas inside particular buildings
  • It was not attainable to open cans that had been the wrong way up whereas in full stock
  • Character hand slot turn out to be damaged after exiting a car within the water
  • Infinite white cable appeared after inserting a Highlight
  • It was attainable to typically gentle a hearth underwater
  • Fishing in sea was regularly interrupted, making it troublesome to discover a place to fish
  • The revolver was not dealing constant injury
  • It was problematic to put a Medium / Occasion Tents too near the participant
  • Points with fertilizing backyard plot slots (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T156389)
  • The journal of a weapon on the gamers again was indifferent after relog
  • The immunity system was not up to date on the participant (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T156489)
  • The highlight could possibly be plugged right into a battery that was within a car
  • It was attainable to put two tents inside one another
  • It was attainable to stack up stone ovens
  • It was attainable to typically place objects inside furnishings of buildings
  • Epinephrine was not working appropriately (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T156359)
  • Improved the consumer efficiency when holding an merchandise in palms
  • Continued injury from a hearth or barbed wire after transferring away from it
  • Packing a tent whereas having an merchandise within the palms wouldn’t conceal the merchandise
  • Resuscitation whereas having an merchandise in palms brought about it to seem in the midst of the motion
  • Blurred textual content on the logout dialog window
  • Digital camera clipping points within the huge ATC constructing and airfield service hangar
  • Contaminated strolling by way of service hangar doorways
  • A number of object placement points on the Chernarus terrain


  • Up to date the Tarp (Cloth) sturdiness, textures, and stock view
  • Extra instruments can be utilized to slice pumpkins
  • Decreased preliminary velocity of the 5.56x45mm ammunition by 9% to match actual values
  • Barbed Wire and Hearth now deal injury to contaminated and animals
  • Deployed Barbed Wire can solely be dismantled from inside on Fence and Watchtower
  • The hearth now warms a bigger space, with the utmost warmth reaching additional
  • Lowered the utmost warmth of the hearth
  • Up to date the credit
  • The flare from the sign pistol now falls down slower


  • Modified: Decreased the quantity of ammunition and magazines
  • Tweaked: Deagle and Revolver now spawn in Cities solely
  • Tweaked: Repeater tiers adjusted from Tier 1,2,3 to 2,3,4 (Chernarus)
  • Tweaked: Batteries will not spawn with a full cost anymore
  • Mounted: Spawn factors on Land_Castle_Stairs_nolc
  • Mounted: BearPelt was lacking


  • Added: timeStampFormat now helps two further choices “ShortTZ” and “FullTZ” which can append the time zone in UTC (RPT log solely)
  • Mounted: Server startup freeze when utilizing too many mods (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T153090)



  • Added: IsBoxCollidingGeometry, an prolonged model of IsBoxColliding, with parameters to fill in what geometries to examine towards (major and secondary)
  • Added: Moved cargo situations for Clothes into separate capabilities for modders to override (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T154093)
  • Added: Highway components for the terrain making on the pattern GitHub repository (https://github.com/BohemiaInteractive/DayZ-Misc)
  • Mounted: FPS dropping right down to 1 when utilizing the backward appropriate SetActions implementation
  • Modified: the ActionDismantleGardenPlot has been added to the objects that might construct it
  • Modified: Created new base recipe PrepareFish to restrict the script duplication in put together mackerel and carp Do strategies
  • Eliminated: Unused inner organ lessons from the character config DamageSystem >> DamageZones

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