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Bungie Says Go Have Enjoyable With Future 2’s 12-Particular person Raid Glitch

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Bungie is aware of that Destiny 2 gamers are glitching their method into sprawling 12-person raids, and it’s surprisingly just about okay with it. The studio says {that a} repair is incoming, however till you then Guardians can have enjoyable bending the principles a little bit.

Within the weekly Bungie update, the studio says it is glad gamers are having fun with themselves and it is positive to attempt it out. However on the identical time, it warns that you possibly can run into bugs because the raids weren’t designed for “a clown automotive of Guardians.”

“The massive buzz across the neighborhood this week has been gamers discovering out a technique to cram 4 fireteams in actions meant for one,” the studio said. “We have been watching the 12-player raid hype and are glad you’re having fun with yourselves. We aren’t speeding out a repair for this and it’s very positive if you wish to attempt it out and have some enjoyable. Simply remember the fact that we did not create these actions anticipating a clown automotive of Guardians to roll up, so it’s possible you’ll expertise some weirdness.”

Bungie does not state precisely when it plans to repair the Raids to be much less MMO-styled, however it does say it will likely be someday earlier than the Grandmaster Nightfalls begin on March 16.

Sometimes a raid takes place with simply six gamers. This bug permits 4 fireteams to go collectively, for a complete of 12. This seems to have popped up someday simply after the recent update.

In the meantime, Bungie has massive plans for Future 2, saying it will likely be expanding the property into other media. It is also planning to launch a new IP by 2025.

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