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Apex Legends Plushie Is Completely Lovable

Apex Legends is not identified for its cute and cuddly characters, however a brand new piece of branded merch appears to be like to alter that. A pair of Nessie dolls are coming, good for sulking into after you had been one shot away from being topped match Champion. The brand new Nessie plushies are unique to Entertainment Earth.

The plushies are a reference to an Easter egg in Apex. Nessie dolls are scattered round King’s Canyon and firing at all of them so as will set off an enormous Nessie to briefly spawn within the swamp. The legendary creature has turn into in style amongst followers, having appeared on in-game gadgets like charms and badges. These actual plushies are modeled after the in-game merchandise.

The Loch Ness Monster (aka Nessie) has been a longtime working gag and Easter egg within the Titanfall collection, from which Apex originated. Apex’s connections to that multiplayer mech fight sport have typically been tenuous, however Respawn guarantees the approaching Season 9 will make Titanfall fans happy by bringing again a number of its components.

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